Currently, the following developments in the realization of the Windplanblauw project can be discovered…

For the onshore part of the project, the Balance of Plant is ready (foundations, cable infrastructure and the roads) With that, it is now the turn of the supplier and builder Vestas of the wind turbines for the onshore part of Windplanblauw.

These 37 turbines of the type Vestas Enventus V 162 will be built, installed and tested according to schedule and the required quality standards with control of the budget. In order to get the wind turbine parts that have been produced in various corners of the world on site, transports are organized from the port of Amsterdam over the water to Flevokust Haven from where they are transported by ash to the relevant locations.

Irene Vorrink wind farm dismantled

At the same time, the 28 wind turbines with the characteristic bridges of the Vattenfall Irene Vorrink wind farm will be dismantled and removed. These wind turbines formed a very familiar image for many who . The skyline of Swifterbant will definitely get a landmark look when the Vestas wind turbines are upright. During the Wind Day at the end of April, interested parties can visit the Windplanblauw and while listening to it, gain a lot of knowledge about the how and why of the construction and later the functioning of the wind farm.

Organisation of the Nearshore part Windplanblauw

Recent and current developments

Because the working area of Windplanblauw is expanding to the water of the Markermeer where 24 wind turbines will be built, the organization has taken an extra base into use in the office on the north side of the Houtribdijk in Lelystad. From here the “Marine Coordination” is conducted and the Marine Warranty Surveyor is also based; After all, all vessels are monitored for a solid coordination of all sailing movements. The HSSE team also has its basis here for coordinating safety on the work site where all parties involved are active. This team also assesses the work plans and lifting plans, supported by specialist advisers. The working area of the Nearshore part has been prepared for construction by the application of buoys by Rijkswaterstaat.  The various workboats are granted access to the working area to build the foundations and infrastructure.

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