The first edition 1999 and the second edition 2017 of the FIDIC Red and Yellow Book, do describe a very specific role in the Conditions of Contract called ‘the Engineer’. The fundamental principle behind this role is, that the Engineer shall act ’impartial’ from the Commencement of Work until the end of the Defects Notification Period.

The Engineer has no authority to amend the Contract, but he has the authority to Vary and Adjust the scope of the Contractor’s Work.
It is this impartiality and authority that are causing employers to struggle with the practical execution of
the FIDIC role under the Contract and within their internal project governance.

Aratis has a short white paper available which describes how to implement the FIDIC Engineer role.
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Our Aratis colleagues Erik Rozendal and Michel Stoelinga regularly give FIDIC training courses in collaboration with the DOB-Academy in Delft (open enrollment). We also provide ‘in-house’ FIDIC training/workshops at companies.

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