About Aratis

We at Aratis are consultants in procurement and contract management, a little mad about our profession and always focused on developing and sharing knowledge. Therefore, we are experts ahead. Every project and programme is an opportunity to innovate and deliver better results.

We do this from the initiation phase up to the exploitation phase, from strategy to operational contract management. We set up the contract and contract management strategies, as well as the contracts themselves. We supervise purchasing processes and contract management during the implementation. We put our expertise into practice in many construction organisation models and contract forms. In addition, we are also experts in procurement law and we advise on legal issues.

For whom?

Aratis helps clients in both public and private sectors by approaching the market with strong concepts of collaboration; we help to develop wind farms on land and at sea, we work on a safe and sustainable infrastructure and we help to improve airports.

This is how we work

Aratis works with its system of Experts Poule: A permanent team of matching experts who achieve the optimal result by interacting together. This Experts Poule has been completed by a group of experienced specialists from our network with whom we work together in many projects.


What drives us is our focus on both sides. We focus as well as on the soft side as on the hard side of contract management. On one hand to apply good contracts, but also to be able to manage these contracts well, as collaboration is an important part. We apply on both sides, because one could not work without the other. By bringing knowledge from different insights, we often find the best solutions off the beaten track.

Knowledge sharing

We share our knowledge through our training programme, this knowledge sharing is the “backbone” of our network. We train professionals of our clients and contractors in the extension of their contract knowledge and their contract management skills.

Meet over coffee and discuss our future collaboration?

Whether you want to discuss a complex issue as a client or you are a professional who is looking for a serious change. We would like to make time for a further introduction!