Knowledge sharing and development

We make you think

Up to date knowledge is essential to keep delivering high level of quality in a projectteam. Aratis is an expert in the field of procurement, tenders and contracting and shares her knowledge in different ways. Because we are active in the sectors of energy, infrastructure and airports, questions from different angles are highlighted which leads to new insights. The goal is always to make participants think, to create innovative solutions that are directly applicable in projects.

Aratis is an expert in the field of FIDIC contracts. Besides the theoretical basis of the various FIDIC books, Aratis is proud of the many years of experience in FIDIC contract management in various projects. The key is to apply the correct contract form and to the balanced allocation of risks.

We share our knowledge and experience in different ways:

  • By organizing trainings and workshops

  • By playing the FIDIC risk game experience and knowledge is being shared
    (The FIDIC Risk game)

  • By organizing project visits / intervision sessions on themes with professionals from different disciplines)