Minor Wind Energy HAN

This year was already the tenth year that the minor Wind Energy was given at HAN University of Applied Sciences. Initiated by Outsmart to train students in the growing sector of (offshore) wind, where the transfer of knowledge and experience from business is the power source for students. Companies such as ABB, TenneT, Enercon, SIF, NKT, Smulders and Aratis provide the international minor with knowledge during guest lectures to students from all over the world.

Wybran Jansen, partner and senior consultant at Aratis, has been giving a guest lecture on procurement in (offshore) wind since the first year and he shares his knowledge gained in the 15 years that he has been working in wind energy. Because… he who cannot divide, cannot multiply!

Do you have questions about wind energy and can’t wait until the start of the minor next year? Please contact Wybran via wybran.jansen@aratis.nl.

Click here for more information about the minor and the topics that will be discussed and who knows, see you next year!

Source link: HAN University of Applied Sciences