The CER project in Rotterdam is a unique collaboration between client and contractor.

CER Project Unique collaboration between the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Combinatie CER, which consists of VolkerWessels companies KWS and Van Hattum en Blankevoort. Collaboration was already one of the MEAT criteria during the tender process and every tendering contractor had to do an interview and assessment with the Port Authority.


At the start of the project, a startup was held under the leadership of an external party. An introduction in which, in addition to the project itself, values ​​and behavior were also discussed. This resulted in a project-specific behavioral compass in which core values ​​​​are agreed with each other such as courage, reliability, respect and fun.


Common sense, thinking ahead, business knowledge and social skills are important pillars for good cooperation. This also applies to the organizational and consultation structure. Sometimes adjustments need to be made, that’s what the escalation model serves. Important matters are discussed with each other in a timely manner, so that there is no escalation beyond the ‘project boundaries’. Up to now it has always been possible to resolve discussion points within two weeks, so that no substantial delay has occurred.

Video: CROW Congress 2020 theme “Collaboration”