Performance-oriented management and maintenance,

Municipality of Haarlem

The directing municipality of Haarlem had for the following task:

‘To set up a renewed collaboration with the market for the management and maintenance of the total public space’.

This allowed the municipality to concentrate on its guiding role and therefore save costs.

UAV-GC contracts

Aratis wrote the best approach to this question and then prepared the necessary contracts and guided the tender. This has ultimately led to 12 UAV-GC contracts, 6 of which are tendered and 6 are inexpended. By choosing a task budget, tenders could not be distinguished by price, but only by quality.

This innovative way of contracting is interesting for many municipalities, because the quality of services has improved while the costs have been lowered.

Menno Wouda
Menno Wouda
As a senior contract manager Menno has the advisory role in challenging contract issues and he solves it with great pleasure.

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Pauline de Bruijn
Pauline de Bruijn
Pauline advises and assists clients of Aratis and Aratis Consultants in their procurement issues and procedures.

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Michel Stoelinga
Michel Stoelinga
With the establishment of Aratis Groep in 2007, Michel followed his ambition to manage contract risks for clients in various markets.
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Michiel Goosens
Michiel Goosens
Michiel is a senior contract manager and project manager in the GWW sector with an open mind for innovative contracting.

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