Since 2018, “fully integrated PIMS” has been applied within WindplanBlauw to give shape and structure to the integral management approach and thus to control the complexity of the project. The project team chooses PIMS because of the integrated approach based on Systems Engineering combined with the efforts of our experts who know the system inside out. Separate systems, local documentation, specialists who are excluded and managers without grip and overview are a thing of the past with the application of the complete PIMS package. This complete package integrates and controls all PIMS project management modules and associated processes including Requirements Management, Risk Management, the early involvement of the contractors and the document coordination.

By having our experts become part of the project organization, the full potential of PIMS can be exploited. This helps us to apply a two-phase training approach (from the group to the individual) so that end users are trained and provided with the right knowledge to get the most efficiency out of the system. At the same time, our experts can act quickly to adapt modules to continue to match the wishes of the end users. For example, the project team’s wish package has been to have the perfect design and integration of automated contractual communication with the contractors in PIMS. Ultimately, with the “fully integrated PIMS” package, a complete, integrated and fit-for-purpose solution was put into use for the centralized working environment of Windplanblauw.

The experts involved in this project:

Shahnam Mochawer

Shahnam has gained extensive experience in the field of Construction Management & Engineering with the large contracting companies and...

Mariya Ivanova

Mariya has a background in civil engineering and has worked as a process coordinator in the area of Systems Engineering...

Gerlinde Holster

As a result driven professional Gerlinde is a specialist in document control, information management and quality management...

Reinout Pieters

After his graduation in Construction Management & Engineering at Delft, Reinout started as a System Engineer...

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