Contract management is more than just explaining the contract. Risk management and relationship management are also important. Attitude and behaviour are key words in the success of contract management.

Knowledge and experience

This concerns the allocation of risks and the choice of the right tendering procedure, but also the organisational implications of a particular contract form or construction organisation model.

Both contracting parties should have an eye for each other’s interests. After all, the goal is to achieve the own and common goals within the stipulated frameworks. This requires knowledge of risks on both sides. We have this knowledge and experience, both on the part of the client and also in the realisation of complex projects.

Realised projects with more quality at a lower cost. This requires an approach where parties dare to deviate from the beaten path. The result is a tailor-made solution, which creates an environment in which both the client as well as the contractor can excel in order to achieve as much value as possible within the specified budget.

What makes Aratis:

  • Contract management (risks and opportunities)

  • Space for contractors to excel

  • Control on attitude and behaviour

  • Conditions for improving quality

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