After several experiences in which safety was the important factor, Jordi moved his professional career towards professional diving in the civil offshore world. After his development through various functions and roles in this industry, he obtained his HVK safety management diploma, after which he gained thorough knowledge and experience in the world of wind turbine installations.

With knowledge and experience of wind turbine generator construction, today he’s leading the HSSE team in the Windplanblauw employers organization together with Aratis. Jordi is a hands-on safety officer, a people manager who is teaming with his colleagues and takes a pragmatic approach to the project. Overview and a strong team spirit, he builds on that until his team communicates correctly and efficiently. Compliant and always focused on improving safety processes, so that construction can continue in a safe manner.

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WindplanBlauw (application Process Management by Aratis System Experts)

PIMS was used in Windplanblauw to give shape and structure to the integral management approach and thus to control the complexity of the project...