‘To work successfully with FIDIC, everyone involved in projects should start learning the FIDIC basic principles until a certain common level of knowledge is achieved.’

This is the basic rule that applies to anyone working in projects with FIDIC contracts. Whether it’s the construction of a wind farm or contracting a construction company, with the basic principles of FIDIC, contracting is a lot easier.

When do clients opt for FIDIC contracts?
Contracting with FIDIC has been developed for construction projects worldwide. Big or small does not matter, as long as there is a plan, money, design and possibly even permission, FIDIC can be applied in the contract. In addition, it is important that it is clear in advance what the role of the client will be in the design process and during the execution of the project, the acceptance rate of risks and the available expertise for testing the contractor. The answers to these questions are partly decisive for the choice of the contract form.

Forms of contracting with FIDIC
Fidic’s ‘General Conditions’ are written in such a way that they can be used worldwide in different types of projects. The contracting strategy within a project determines which form of FIDIC should be applied. There are different forms of FIDIC, each shape has a color:

  • White     –     Client / Consultant model agreement

  • Green     –     Short form of contract

  • Red         –     Construction

  • Yellow    –     Plant, design and build

  • Gold       –     Design, build and operate projects

  • Silver     –     EPC / Turnkey projects

  • Pink       –     Multilateral development bank (MDB) harmonised conditions of contract

Aratis regularly works with FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 (Plant, design and build), which is similar to the contract form UAV-gc 2005 design & construct. This contract contains the most accepted risk allocation between client and contractor for many projects in civil and industrial construction.
In addition, Aratis of course also works with the other books, depending on whether a client requires it.

Do you have questions about FIDIC or what we can do for you within this form of contract? Please contact us via info@aratis.nl, we are happy to help you.

Source text: Aratis B.V.
Image source: Fidic Introduction material