Course Contracting in offshore wind

On 27 November 2019, Aratis gave the course ‘Introduction to Contracting in offshore wind’ for the 3rd time. This course is given together with ‘The Old Library Academy’ (DOB Academy) in the inspiring former library of TU Delft.

The international group of participants (this time we even welcomed someone from South Korea) was given lectures on the technical side of offshore wind farms by the teachers of the DOB Academy. Floris Heijckmann, partner and senior consultant at Aratis, has bridged the gap to the contracting and procurement process for offshore wind farms.This included a brief introduction to FIDIC Yellow Book, the most widely used contract form in offshore wind.

The theory was put into practice with the wind farm installation game, in which participants encountered unforeseen physical conditions, unfavorable climate conditions, defects, etc.

The course was brightened up by the excellent snacks, lunch and closing drinks (including virgin cocktails).

One of Aratis’ goals is to share our knowledge, so if you want to know more about contracting in offshore wind or, for example, FIDIC, please contact Aratis by sending an email to for more information about standard or customized (in-house) courses. Aratis will also be organising courses at the DOB Academy next year.

Click on the link below for more information or to register yourself.

Introduction to Contracting in offshore wind:
Introduction to FIDIC in offshore wind: