Windplanblauw closer to realization

Following the ruling of the Council of State on November 6, 2019 the construction of Windplanblauw in Flevoland will definitely continue. In Windplanblauw, 61 new turbines will be realized, which will provide green electricity for 400,000 households from 2022. This means four times more renewable energy than the current 74 wind turbines that are currently there!

These 61 larger wind turbines will save 340,000 tonnes of CO2 every year and will therefore make an important contribution to the care for the climate and the climate objectives of the province of Flevoland and the cabinet after 2020.

The strategy ‘Scaling up and remediation’ achieves various objectives: a more sustainable energy system, a landscape improvement and a stronger (local) economy. To realize this wind farm, the initiators Vattenfall and SwifterwinT are working closely with the municipalities of Dronten and Lelystad, the province of Flevoland and the government.

In order to properly supervise the tender of this project, Aratis has appointed Erik Rozendal as project manager. As a project manager, Erik is also responsible for the proper completion of the tender on behalf of both initiators. Erik also ensures a smooth running of the project up to Financial Close. The integrated project team is composed of people from different companies. By leverating Aratis’ expertise and experience in systems engineering, procurement, contract, document and project management, there is a large representation present.

Aratis supports Windplanblauw in obtaining ready-to-sign contracts for the supply, construction and maintenance, based on FIDIC Yellow Book and UAV-GC.

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Source text: Windplanblauw
Source photo: Arthur Helwig