In the world called FIDIC, change involves precise preparation and comprehensive quality assurance. Many affiliated professionals read along with draft versions of new releases. During the User Conference in December 2017, the second edition of the widely used Silver, Yellow and Red book was launched. These three books are an update of the first edition that dates from 1999. However, a Green book was also published at the time, of which a second edition will soon be released by FIDIC. But there’s more to it than that!

Last November, in addition to the Golden Principles, FIDIC also released the long-awaited Yellow book for Subcontract. The participants of our FIDIC courses know that a Red book for Subcontract already exists and how it manifests itself in combination with a Red book. However, the joke is that both books ‘for Subcontract’ lend themselves to the first edition Red and Yellow book (from 1999). Fidic also added another book to the suite last December in collaboration with ITA-AITES, namely the Emerald book for Underground Works. This book has been specially developed for underground works, such as tunnels.

Finally, another book will be announced by FIDIC before the end of this year, namely the Bronze book for Brownfield Projects. This book is based on the principle of Operate-Design-Build-Operate (ODBO) and will be in line with a market in which extensions or major maintenance are done on a rotating plant.


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