A visit to Windplanblauw, what an impressive project!!

On Thursday, October 6, 2022, we went with Aratis colleagues (and other guests) to take a look at the beautiful Windplanblauw project near Swifterbant. For this project, Aratis is responsible for the construction management of the realization phase, both onshore and nearshore.

The construction of the onshore wind turbines (WTGs) is entering its final phase. Of the total of 37 onshore wind turbines, 4 still need to be completed in the coming weeks. It is wonderful to be able to see the various wind turbine parts on the ground during the project visit. We have also been able to see that the construction of the substation has been completed.
The dismantling of the 28 WTGs along the A6 in the IJsselmeer and the 13 WTGs onshore is now complete. From the dike along the IJsselmeer, the first contours of the “custom made” foundations for the 24 turbines that are being built nearshore are visible in the IJsselmeer. What a great job our colleagues are doing here, something to be proud of!

Aratis manages this complex project in an integral way based on system-oriented contract management (SCB).
Together with our project partners; We are continuing to build Halsten legal.together, Windbase, Energy Solutions B.V., Topwind Consultancy, Windunie, IX Wind, Arcadis, Eager.one, WSP and RG projects to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

Aratis has expertise in the field of procurement, (strategic) tender, contract and Project management and process and information management (Aryo Sytems).

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