City of Amsterdam

Professionalisation of contract management

The municipality of Amsterdam has implemented the IPM model for civil engineering projects. One of the core roles in this is the role of the contract manager. The contract manager is responsible for:

  • Setting up the purchasing strategy

  • Strategic control on procurement

  • Execute the contract management

  • Realise the project result

Show, join, do-it-yourself

Aratis has supported the municipality of Amsterdam in the professionalisation of the role of contract manager. By setting up standard formats, methods and knowledge sharing. And perhaps most importantly: the individual coaching of employees. Knowledge will be remembered best when applied in practice. Aratis uses the principle of ‘show, join, do-it-yourself’.

By focusing this principle on the person himself, everyone gets their own learning path and works on their own development. All this to ensure that the contract managers are well prepared for their comprehensive tasks.

Menno Wouda
Menno Wouda
As senior contract manager Menno has the advisory role in challenging contract issues, which he solves with great pleasure.

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