Rotterdam Harbour Area

The occupancy rate of the current truck parking in the Waalhaven is so high that the inconvenience of improperly parked trucks in the area increases. This was a major reason to quickly expand the parking capacity. The project Truck Parking Bodaanweg was realised at the Antonie Bodaanweg in the Waalhaven and had some challenges. The planning to make the current ground suitable for realisation was very short. Next to this short period of time, there was possibly a cable oil contamination. In addition, there was a complicated issue to realise the software to control the security, access and payment systems on time. The project was created in a building team.

Contract management and contracting building team partner

Aratis contracted the Bouwteam partner for the Port of Rotterdam and was responsible for the Contract management during the construction team phase, the realisation of the contracting agreement and the transfer of the project to realisation.

Aratis approach:

  • Implement innovations on the existing construction team model

  • Pleasant, constructive and professional collaboration with the contractor

  • Bring out the best in parties during the construction team collaboration

Michiel Goosens
Michiel Goosens
Michiel is a senior contract manager and project manager in the GWW sector with an open mind for innovating contracting.
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