In the municipality of Amsterdam, work is being done on a parking garage under the Singelgracht. In total there is in this garage space for 800 parking spaces. Upon opening, at least 10% of the garage will be suitable for electric charging with the possibility to easily expand to 100%. As a result of the parking garage, current above-ground parking spaces will be moved underground, creating more space on the street. Space that benefits green spaces, pedestrians, children playing and cyclists.

Purchasing and Contract Management

Aratis supervised the purchasing process and takes care of the contract management on behalf of the municipality of Amsterdam.

Aratis approach:

  • A functional request to give the contractor as much design freedom as possible

  • Efficient and effective contract management strategy

  • Application of the System-oriented Contract Control framework

  • Application of the Interaction Model, which means that process discussions are much more likely to look for cooperation between client and contractor

  • Pleasant, constructive and business cooperation with the contractor and within the own team

Menno Wouda
Menno Wouda
As a senior contract manager, Menno has the advisory role in challenging contract issues, which he solves with great pleasure.

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