As a result of the energy agreement, the Dutch government has designated TenneT for the connection of new offshore wind farms. TenneT has set up a programme to deliver a single platform and connection to the Dutch electricity grid, one each year between 2019 and 2023.

About the project

TenneT will build five offshore high-voltage stations and connections (Borssele Alpha and beta, Dutch coast South Alpha and Beta and Dutch coast North) which connect each two 700MW offshore wind farms to the land with two 220 kV (AC) cables. On land the cables are connected to the national high-voltage grid. In this programme, TenneT has a high standard of standardisation and repetition of the five projects.

Contract management

Aratis supports TenneT’s Offshore NL team in the field of contract management for the realisation of the Grid at Sea programme since 2015. The team of Aratis at TenneT has grown along with the programme.

The experts involved in this project:

Michel Stoelinga

With the establishment of Aratis Groep in 2007, Michel followed his ambition to manage contract risks for clients in various markets. As a senior...

Shahnam Mochawer

Shahnam has gained extensive experience in the field of Construction Management & Engineering with the large contracting companies and...

Bastiaan Burger

Bastiaan is a result driven civil engineer with a typical hands-on approach. He has extensive experience in the development, engineering and...

Willem Klinker

Willem approaches projects as an allround contract and tender manager with a helicopter view as well as with an eye for detail. He has a strong vision for...

Olav Hoekzema

Olav is an allround EPC Procurement & Contract manager with extensive knowledge of procurement and contract management...

Steve Ellis

Strongly operating on strategies and structures in various technical disciplines, Steve is a result driven and decisive strategist...

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