The Dutch government has decided to give large rivers more space. When the discharges of water are very high at the same time, the water level in the Hollandsch Diep and Haringvliet can rise to a dangerous level, because the river water can no longer run to waste. By temporarily store this water in the Volkerak-Zoommeer, the water levels are lowered by approximately 0.1 meters. When these barriers open, the river water flows through the Haringvliet back to the sea.

Contracting strategy and UAV-GC contract

Aratis has played an important role for the water-board district Brabantse Delta in determining the contracting strategy and drafting the UAV-GC contract. In addition, Aratis has determined the contractual management strategy and provided the contract manager during the realisation.

Aratis approach:

  • Application of the SCB framework which deviates from the beaten path

  • Efficient and effective control strategy

  • Pleasant, constructive and professional collaboration with the contractor and within the team

Michiel Goosens
Michiel Goosens
Michiel is a senior contract manager and project manager in the GWW sector with an open mind for innovative contracting.

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