The Big Risk Game

Play together with risks

Imagine this: Without any obligation, you can think about solutions for risky situations in projects. You can also consult with colleagues from the industry who have a different interest from you. Or consult on risk solutions. You can convince others of your right and at the same time you can learn something from others.

Source: DOB-Academy

The Big Risk Game

The text above describes what happens during The Big Risk Game. A game in which project risks are linked to contractual clauses that can alleviate these risks. Aratis has also developed The Big Risk Game into a FIDIC alternative one. In this game risks are being approached from the FIDIC Yellow Book contract form. Experiences of participants from different industries come together in this game. It is proven that everyone finds this instructive and above all very nice to do.

Aratis sets up The Big Risk Game with clients, during contract trainings and on events to make the participants more aware of the power of contracts. With several groups and under the supervision of experienced (FIDIC) contract managers of Aratis, we introduce a growing group of professionals to risk management by using  contractual clauses.

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