Meghdad is a senior contracts consultant with experience in several industries in Europe, UK and Middle East. He has gained considerable knowledge and experience in respect of project, contract, and cost management. His experience in international ‘Mega Projects’ and his experience has been gained through working with corporate and global clients.

As a positive and supportive project team member Meghdad is working precisely with figures and analyzing the numbers, he is an analytical thinker and a decisive problem solver. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of contract types, including EPC, EPCM, as well as familiarity with contract forms such as FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers). This diverse experience enables him to navigate complex contractual landscapes with confidence and precision, ensuring optimal outcomes for projects under his purview.

Meghdad plays a pivotal role as a positive and supportive member of the project team, adeptly handling numerical data with precision and conducting insightful analyses. His analytical prowess and decisive problem-solving abilities significantly contribute to the team’s effectiveness and success in overcoming challenges.

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WindplanBlauw (application Process Management by Aratis System Experts)

PIMS was used in Windplanblauw to give shape and structure to the integral management approach and thus to control the complexity of the project...