Oosterweel connection Antwerp 

With the Oosterweel connection project, Lantis will close the infrastructural ring around Antwerp. The goals of this project are to spread the traffic around Antwerp for a smoother flow of dangerous points on the R1 to tackle and to increase the quality of the live-ability of the Antwerp region.

The entire project is divided into five sub-projects: Linkeroever, Scheldetunnel, Oosterweelknooppunt, R1-noord and Kanaaltunnels. The implementation of the first project of five started in 2019 and the last project is scheduled to be completed in 2030.

The contract that is used for the most of the projects is the form NEC4 ECC contract.

This form of contract is best known in England for its application to many public works and in the construction of several large projects such as the Olympic stadiums in London. The Oosterweel connection is currently one of the largest projects in the world that is being carried out with an NEC contract.

Features of the NEC4 ECC contract are the cooperation principles, clarity of the contract and flexibility in the application of the contract. In the application of the NEC contract, use is made of a specific option in which the Client and the Contractor jointly determine a target price and distribute the profits and losses at the end of the project.


Aratis provides contract management advice for Lantis in the Client team. This team functions at program level and must, among other things, ensure that the projects use a uniform contract approach that fits within the philosophy of the NEC.

The experts involved in this project:

Menno Wouda

As senior contract manager, Menno has the advisory role in challenging contract issues and he solves them with great pleasure. From concept to detail...

Michiel Goosens

Michiel is an experienced project- and contract manager with a demonstrated history of working in the infra- and maritime industry. He is skilled in...

Niek Lauret

Niek has completed the technical Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering in Vlissingen. He then obtained his master's degree at TU Delft...

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