Windpark Zeewolde B.V. will build the largest Dutch onshore wind farm and the largest community project in Europe until mid-2022. It is being built in the outskirts of the municipality of Zeewolde, east of Almere. In this area of more than 300 square kilometers, more than 90% of farmers, residents and entrepreneurs shareholder. Together they ensure that the 220 solitary mills that are currently in the area are replaced by 83 large mills (up to about 220 meters in height) in line arrangements.

When completed, Zeewolde Wind Farm will provide almost three times as much clean energy as is generated with the current windmills. Windpark Zeewolde B.V, the initiator of the Zeewolde wind farm, is responsible for both the realization of the new turbines and the remediation of the current windmills.

Three Contracts

The realization of the project is divided into 3 large contracts. Two UAV-GC contracts that together form the Balance of Plant, namely one for the substation and the connection to the TenneT grid and the second contract for the construction of the park roads, crane stands, foundations and park cabling between the turbines and to the substation. The third contract concerns the supply and installation of the wind turbines.

Aratis and Windplan Zeewolde

Aratis assists Windpark Zeewolde BV from the preparation of the project, such as the finalization of the contracting strategy. In addition, together with technical advisors, the two Balance of Plant UAV-GC contracts have been put on the market and two contractors have been contracted. During the execution, Aratis carries out the contract management of these contracts. Such a large project with many plot owners and users also requires a good structuring of information and control of processes. Through the well-known Project Information Management System PIMS, Aratis has given the right interpretation to this, such as making good field passports and applying intelligent requirements management.

A large project with many advisors and stakeholders, Aratis is proud to be part of it.

The experts involved in this project:

Wybran Jansen

For some time now, Wybran has been working in the wind industry, where he has fulfilled various roles. From project manager at Vestas and Enercon...

Shahnam Mochawer

Shahnam has gained extensive experience in the field of Construction Management & Engineering with the large contracting companies and...

Tim Gademan

As an experienced procurement advisor Tim uses his extensive knowledge of procurement in Design & Construct...

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