For some time now, Wybran has been working in the wind industry, where he has fulfilled various roles. From project manager at Vestas and Enercon, to contract and procurement manager at Nuon and Vattenfall for onshore and offshore wind projects in The Netherlands and abroad.

For Wybran, wind energy is his discipline. Within this discipline, procurement and contract management are the core business. He knows how to combine the typically defined world of contracts and to combine them with the more complex stakeholder management. Wybran is always looking for nuances, so that the requirements and wishes of the client and manager are guaranteed, while the risks will be carried by the party that is most suitable for that.

In recent years, Wybran has been guest lecturer for “Strategic procurement of wind projects” at the Hogeschool of Arnhem and Nijmegen and he has also been a keynote speaker at various events within the world of wind energy.

In addition to the procurement of Balance of Plant and wind turbines for Sandbank, Kentish Flats Extension and Wieringermeer, Wybran has drawn up and tendered the entire contract for the decommissioning of the near shore wind farm Lely (Nuon) and he has guided the tender for the Emergency Response Plan Subsea Cables and the and the subsequent first call-off for the repair of the OWEZ export cable.

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