Process management helps organizing integrated projects in a structured way, so that the project control is more effective. After that everything gets easier!

Process management means controlling processes

By creating good procedures, the deployment of process managers and the application of a good tool, Aratis offers its customers an even more complete service. This means that the different phases of a project (pre-contractual, contracting, realization and exploitation/maintenance) are completed more effectively, which increases the chance of achieving the project objectives demonstrably. Aratis System Experts was founded with the aim of managing projects even better.

What Aratis System Experts delivers:

  • Good procedures

  • Use of a good management tool

  • Deploying the right experts

Effective process management

Our process management approach is based on the Systems Engineering standard – ISO 15288. We understand the current processes within your project or organization and improve them together with you. That is our core value. In addition to creating more efficient processes, we also assist with the implementation of these process optimisations.

Management tool with result

More about our products:

The strength of PIMS is that the system can be flexibly designed, expanded, developed and implemented based on the requirements and wishes of our customers. It is a powerful tool for managing project management aspects and the associated processes in all phases of a project (pre-contracting, contracting, realization and operation/management). The modules of PIMS can be used individually or combined.

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) stands for the modeling and notation of business processes and provides a graphical representation.
Our BPMN tool gives the possibility to Model, Optimize and Execute project and organizational processes.

Aryo is our Low-Code software development platform that requires little to no traditional coding by our experts to build applications and processes. It is aimed at developing web applications and various business software easy and quick by using modeling and visual interfaces.

The team of Aratis System Experts:

Michiel Goosens

Michiel is an experienced project- and contract manager with a demonstrated history of working in the infra- and maritime industry. He is skilled in...

Shahnam Mochawer

Shahnam has gained extensive experience in the field of Construction Management & Engineering with the large contracting companies and...

Mariya Ivanova

Mariya has a background in civil engineering and has worked as a process coordinator in the area of Systems Engineering...

Reinout Pieters

After his graduation in Construction Management & Engineering at Delft, Reinout started as a System Engineer...

Harmen van Triest

Harmen  studied both the bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and Technical Public Administration before focusing on his master's degree in Construction...

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WindplanBlauw (application Process Management by Aratis System Experts)

PIMS was used in Windplanblauw to give shape and structure to the integral management approach and thus to control the complexity of the project...

Windpark Greenport Venlo

For Windpark Greenport Venlo, in accordance with the Systems Engineering principles, the project information is organized in a structured manner within our Project Management Information...

Container Exchange Route (CER)

Aratis takes care of the contract management of the CER job for the Port of Rotterdam Authority. In addition, the efficiency of processes and the traceability and reliability of project information are guaranteed within PIMS...

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