Strong together: Team spirit at the Maasvlakte… Aratis for port of Rotterdam with Van Hattum and Blankevoort


She shines in the light of late summer. The largest work of art in the Port of Rotterdam. Mission accomplished. Satisfied, Michiel Goosens and Dick van Erkel give each other a box. Of course, every project has its challenges and storms...

Strong together: Team spirit at the Maasvlakte… Aratis for port of Rotterdam with Van Hattum and Blankevoort2021-11-10T10:17:18+01:00

New FIDIC books


In the world called FIDIC, change involves precise preparation and comprehensive quality assurance. Many affiliated professionals read along with draft versions of new releases. During the User Conference in December 2017, the second edition of the widely used Silver, Yellow and Red book was...

New FIDIC books2022-04-14T11:27:15+01:00



At the end of January 2020, the employees of the Container Exchange Route (CER) were allowed to donate a safety bonus to four charities, namely Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij (KIKA), Erasmus MC Foundation (Daniel den Hoed Foundation), Family house Daniel den Hoed and the Crigler Najjar Foundation...


Aratis experts ahead in FIDIC


'To work successfully with FIDIC, everyone involved in projects should start learning the FIDIC basic principles until a certain common level of knowledge is achieved. This is the basic rule that applies to anyone working in projects with FIDIC contracts. Whether it's the construction of a wind farm or contracting a construction company...

Aratis experts ahead in FIDIC2021-11-10T11:02:55+01:00

Experts ahead in FIDIC


In our previous article we explained why FIDIC is so important in projects, when clients choose this and the different contract forms have been discussed. In this article we explain the difference between the General Conditions and the Particular Conditions...

Experts ahead in FIDIC2021-11-10T10:53:14+01:00

Sustainability as an award criterion


This week is the Week of the Circular Economy, which is why in Aratis Perspectief we reflect on circularity in the aratis field. Circularity is perhaps the superlative of sustainability, both are indispensable in tenders in 2020. Our customers (usually the client in a tender)...

Sustainability as an award criterion2022-04-14T11:25:40+01:00
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